Another week gone by

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Florentine Pork


Florentine Pork was a wonderful Sunday night dinner. This is a recipe I found a year or so ago in Dish magazine (it was their cover issue), and it’s become a regular part of my winter repertoire. Despite cooking in the oven, the pork chops remain moist and tender. You can find the recipe here.


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Brined Chicken


Brined chicken is a great way to ensure a moist, flavoursome roast. Sadly, my family are growing too fast, so we rarely have leftovers, just enough for stock. Read my blog and see how easy it is to make!


Picture 057
Tomato baked prawns and feta


Another day where I couldn’t find inspiration, so turned to a food magazine for ides. This time, Gourmet Traveller with delicious greek prawns, baked with feta, tomatoes, fennel and mint. Sadly we don’t have the amazingly fresh prawns our Aussies counterparts take for granted, but this was a simple, delicious, one pan dinner. The recipe is here.



Picture 079
Vietnamese noodle soup

A few days since we’ve had any red meat, and I’m mindful of my teen aged daughter’s iron levels. We haven’t had soup so far this week, and I’m feeling wistful for the heat of Hanoi. Vietnamese noodle soup ticks all the boxes (aside from actually being there!)



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Pearl Garden Dim Sum


My kids have been on holiday this week (a full week before anyone else!), so I took them to yum cha (or dim sum, depending on which part of the world you’re from) at Pearl Garden. My kids have been going to yum cha since they were first able to eat solid food and we all love it. Kids love the perfect portions and constant surprise than yum cha brings, and it’s generally an affordable restaurant experience (sans Michelin star). The folks at Pearl Garden in Newmarket have been producing outstanding Chinese food for three generations now. Still friendly, still fresh, still reasonably priced. They’re open for yum cha every day, or go there at night and try their outstanding three course Peking Duck feast.


Picture 060
Audrey’s Cheesies

While the holidays are on, we go through an insane amount of food. The kids are growing fast, and their appetites appear to be insatiable. I’m trying to reduce their reliance on processed snacks, so have turned to an old recipe from Richard’s grandmother, Audrey, that has all the crunchiness and cheesiness a good snack needs, but without the additives. Get the recipe here.

Picture 018
Spring Tulips


In the grey of winter, some brightly coloured flowers can be just what the doctor ordered. I’ve noticed the first spring blooms breaking out around Auckland (in July, one small upside of global warming). Tulips are available commercially, at a reasonable price. They’re the only flower to keep growing once cut, so put them into a vase with about 5cm water. Change the water every two days, and trim an inch or so off the bottom to keep them fresh. They should last well for about a week.


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