Some stuff I’ve learned. 

  1. Store feta in a sealed container, covered with water. It’ll keep far longer than wrapping in clingfilm and won’t go mouldy. A cheese maker told me this, so it’s good advice.
  2. The basic recipe for a vinaigrette is 3 parts oil to one part acid. It doesn’t matter if you’re using balsamic, red wine vinegar or lemon juice, the proportions are always the same. Season to taste and add herbs or mustard for extra flavouring and you’re good to go.
  3. When boiling eggs, always add them to already boiling water. Remove the water from the heat, then add the eggs to stop them from cracking. Soft boiled eggs take 5 minutes, hard boiled take 7.
  4. Boiled eggs will keep cooking when they’re removed from the heat. If you’re going for hard boiled, you’ll get a grey ring around the yolk if they keep cooking. Drop them into cold water immediately when the time is up to stop them from cooking more than you want.
  5. Don’t store your eggs in the fridge, part 1: Their porous shells will absorb smells from other foods.
  6. Don’t store your eggs in the fridge, part 2: to get the best results when baking (especially when creaming butter and sugar) you need your eggs to be room temperature.
  7. When you’re browning meat, place the pieces in a clockwise direction around the pan, starting at 12 o’clock. That way you’ll remember which piece went in first.
  8. Use a thermometer. You’ll never undercook chicken or overcook eye fillet again.
  9. It’s not necessary to buy self raising flour. Add a teaspoon baking powder to a cup of flour, and the result will be the same. And one less thing in your pantry, which is always a win.
    Photo 16-12-15, 8 10 11 AM
  10. Baking is science. There’s no guess work with baking, you need to measure as much as possible, and follow a recipe. Unless you’re a pastry chef, in which case do as you will.
  11. Cooking is art. Taste everything and adjust the flavours and seasoning until you’re happy with how it tastes. Aside from raw chicken. That’ll kill you.
  12. Strawberries stop ripening the moment they’re picked. So there’s little point buying12744191_10155244965282228_7422408061261496652_n green ones unless you like them that way.
  13. Tomatoes lose their flavour when you store them in the fridge. Buy them in season, ideally from a retailer who doesn’t refrigerate their produce, and keep them on the bench. They taste better, trust me.
  14. How to shuck a scallop
  15. Hard boiled eggs are best made from eggs that are a few days old. Too fresh and the shell won’t come off cleanly. Your eggs will look like they’ve caught a flesh eating disease.
  16. When poaching eggs, always have the water boiling. Or they’ll stick like buggery.
  17. Crack eggs on a flat surface. Less chance of shell making your eggs crunchy.2016-09-04-15-11-47-v1
  18. Scallops are best the day they’re caught. Make sure you’re friends with a diver.
  19. Cooking crayfish. 3 minutes a pound, 5 minutes a kilo. Boiling water.
  20. NEVER cook crayfish alive. It’s torture and you will go to hell.

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