Eating Japan: Nishiki Markets

Despite what many guide books say, Nishiki Markets is a must visit for anyone interested in Japanese food. Located in downtown Kyoto (off Shijo-dori) the market is a covered mall, running across 5 blocks.

The guidebook we had said the market opened at 9am, and since our expectation was that this market would be like Tsukiji Market in Tokyo (ie. open before dawn), we made sure we were prompt to try to see the best the market had to offer.

The guidebook was wrong. Some of the shops were open at 9am, but we ended up having a coffee for half an hour and coming back closer to 10.

Anyway, it’s loud, busy, varied in offering, selling everything from fresh fish and fruit, through to pickles, sweets, knick-knacks, kitchenware and ceramics.

Takoyaki (octopus) balls with spring onion
Fresh wasabi (the picture looks out of focus because it’s under water)
Soft serve matcha is everywhere in Kyoto.
Matcha tea from the Snoopy shop
Snoopy mochi at the Snoopy shop
Pickled vegetables abound
Barbecued seafood skewers
These round cakes are layered, soft and delicious
Tiny chopstick stands
Fresh scallops and oysters.

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