Salad of the week: Grilled eggplant with goats’ cheese

For someone who writes about food, who spends quite a bit of time thinking about food, and the rest of my time making food, my salad repertoire is proving to be more than a little woeful.

My default is a green salad with leaf, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, red capsicum and avocado (if I can time the fine line between rock hard and mush brown correctly). The only innovative thing about it is a vinaigrette. And half the time I just sprinkle over olive oil and red wine vinegar.

It is nice enough, just a little sub-par.

So, this year, I am lifting my salad game. This is my first effort.

The irony that it contains many of the above ingredients is not lost on me. Baby steps.

(Serves 4)

1 eggplant, sliced into 1cm slices2017-02-01-19-51-58-hdr-v1
Olive oil for brushing
Mescalin greens
1/2 red onion finely sliced
50g goats’ cheese
1/2 punnet cherry tomatoes, halved
Handful mint leaves, finely sliced

2 Tbsp red wine vinegar
6 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

  1. Heat a barbecue until very hot
  2. Brush the eggplant slices with olive oil and grill until charred and soft on both sides. Set aside to cool, then cut into chunks.
  3. For the vinaigrette, pour ingredients into a jar and shake to combine.
  4. Assemble all the salad ingredients in a large shallow salad bowl or platter and dress with the salad dressing. Serve immediately.

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