Eating Japan: Hokkaido

I’m using Hokkaido loosely as a catch all area to cover the two towns we stayed in, Furano and Niseko. Both are ski villages, so using “Hokkaido” to name this post is a little misleading, as we didn’t venture far from the ski resorts. However, we did eat well and often.

In Furano, much of the food we ate was at restaurants on the ski fields. In Niseko we ate out far more often, so I’ve tried to cover a few of the places we ate both on and off piste.


Ramen is pretty dominant here. We ate it until we were sick of it!

2017-01-15 12.52.44 HDR v1.jpg
Miso Ramen, Furano ski resort (by the bottom of the gondola, Kitanomine side)
2017-01-16 12.10.13 HDR v1.jpg
Coffee stop 1: Whiteroom Cafe (across the road from the gondola, Kitanomine side). They sell Allpress. Enough said.
2017-01-16 12.14.40 HDR v1.jpg
Coffee stop 2: Rojo Coffee cart (bottom of the gondola, Kitanomine side). Lovely people, great coffee. Try to avoid busy times!

Getting fired up at Teppan Okonomiyaki Masaya, Furano.

2017-01-18 20.22.18 HDR v1.jpg
Chicken burger, Ajito Bar. They serve good simple food, and have a pool table. What’s not to like?


Niseko is far more of an upmarket ski resort, compared to Furano, and with it comes more upmarket options for dining out.

2017-01-19 21.14.29 HDR v1.jpg
Agadashi Tofu, Bang Bang
Sashimi, Bang Bang
Sukiyaki, King Bell (top of the gondola, Grand Hirafu)
2017-01-20 13.09.06 HDR v1.jpg
Spicy miso and miso ramen, King Bell (top of the gondola, Grand Hirafu)
2017-01-21 13.13.36 HDR v1.jpg
Burger and fries, Musu, Grand Hirafu (in the Odin building)
2017-01-22 13.38.27 HDR v1.jpg
Snow crab ramen, Hanazono 338, bottom of the gondola 
2017-01-23 10.33.41 HDR v1.jpg
Koko Bakery, Grand Hirafu. The chef is a French baker, so you know it’s good.
2017-01-23 12.03.28 HDR v1.jpg
Gorilla Niseko – a cafe and gourmet grocer, ground floor of the Shiki Hotel

Snow falling outside The Barn, Niseko. Worth a visit for the fois gras sushi alone!


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