Open your ears.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. I used to listen to music when I was out walking, or the radio when I was in the car, or occasionally the sound of my own deafening thoughts ringing through my brain, but podcasts are my current audio choice.

I like that I feel like I’ve learned something worthwhile. I like that I can be amused, enlightened, challenged, educated, or entertained. I like that it’s a bit like the radio but without the songs I don’t like, and with people generally smarter than your average breakfast host talking to me only about the things I want to hear.

My choice of podcast is generally a mix of current affairs (heavily weighted to this at the moment), interviews and in depth investigatory style shows. I talk to people about them constantly, so thought I should share my choices with you too. These are my favourites.


downloadThe Daily is the New York Times podcast. The clue is in the title – it’s released daily, Monday to Friday. Although because I’m in New Zealand, it’s more like Tuesday to Friday. They cover a range of topics, often Trump related, from US politics, to international affairs, to longer form stories of interest or injustice. It’s perfect to listen to after school drop off, being generally timely and only about 20 minutes long.

Find it here.


9fe8d62a052c05af026cccbc86ce1073e04f363fcc7c5fda6ce7b40c5ac23fad0bc8595632402b605e0683e40a6726f8cd25a9ee88ca38a3b1ac33b108a7c5c2Where The Daily provides a perfectly balanced viewpoint on the state of all things Trump, Pod Save America is completely, unapologetically biased. The blokes presenting are all ex-Obama staffers, and hard core, dyed in the wool democrats. They are well spoken, knowledgeable, articulate, hilariously funny, often angry, and one eyed. If you need someone to dislike Trump as much as you do, this is your podcast. They also have a range of other offerings, including Pod Save The World, Lovett or Leave it (worth listening to), Pod Save the People and With Friends Like These.

You can find it here.


tell-me-it-s-going-to-be-ok.jpgThis is a podcast I’ve come to relatively recently, which helps to fuel my Trump obsession. This show is produced by Mamamia (an Australian media company), so has an antipodean bent, which I need in such unusual times. This podcast is ostensibly two Australian women discussing all things Trump – one based in Aus, the other in the US. It’s an intelligent, humourous listen.

You can find it here.


imagesThese guys got me onto podcasts in the first place, after producing their very successful shows S-Town and Serial. This American Life has a weekly theme, and explores different stories related to that central theme. It’s a longer listen, perfect for long drives or walks, and is beautifully produced. The stories are engaging, moving, unusual, and incredibly human. And generally not political at all (at the very least, usually non-Trump inclusive).

You can find it here.


6fHR8Ikn.jpgI love this show. This is ostensibly the lightest of the podcasts I listen to, but can deal with some pretty serious subject matter. Hosted by Janet Mock, and produced by Lena Dunham, Never Before is a series of interviews with such interesting people. Sometimes famous, mostly female, often people of colour, often from the LGBT community, these interviews are very touching and often hilariously honest.

You can find it here.


Sitting in a comfortable chair with a lovely warm drink and a decent listen coming out of your speakers is a unique pleasure. Any of the above podcasts with a turmeric or matcha latte with nourish your mind and body. Find the recipe here.



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