Hi. I’m Katrina

This is my story. I’m not a professional chef.

I’m a former media professional who chucked in the corporate world to follow a simpler life.

The thing is, I have a husband and two children. My life in the corporate world left me with little time for my family and a truckload of guilt for the many moments lost. Guilt which I assuaged through cooking for them.

Food for me has become synonymous with nurturing. For all the things I couldn’t give during the tough years, I could always give a delicious home cooked meal. When I’d shouted at my husband after a stressful day at the office, we made things better over a rare steak and a glass of red wine. When my kids were the last ones picked up from daycare (which was most days), I made good by baking the birthday cake of their choice.

Now I no longer work in that world, so I’m able to commit time to nurturing myself and my family. I’ve been thinking a great deal about the person I’ve become, about the things that matter to me, the people that matter to me, the issues that matter to me.

But I still think about food. All. The. Time.

The idea is that I can bring these things together here. A bit like having your best friend over to have a glass of wine, a chat about the things that are troubling you, while she cooks you dinner.

Except I’m drinking the wine, cooking and sharing my troubles. And a few solutions I’ve uncovered along the way.

I’d love you to share a bit with me too, especially if what I’m saying touches a nerve or two. If nothing else, have a go at the recipes. They’re generally pretty easy, being the kind of food I cook most days.

So welcome. And thanks for reading xx